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Stockholm Photo Marathon 2014

The Stockholm Photo marathon was a popular event a couple of decades ago. In 2014 it was resurrected with some 350 participants. The rules are simple: 24 themes to be captured over 24 hours and in a specific order. Every four hours four themes were given at six different locations across town.

The themes were a challenging mix: Stockholm Foto marathon, Hand made, We all start as kids, Haircut, Summer love, Just enough, Ocean, Teenager in town, Party, Queer, In the back seat, The shady side, Enlightened, Better late than never, Dude, Spaceship, Work, What time is it, On th move, Meeting point, Old and new, Slussen and My participation number. 

After 24 hours a memory card with 24 photos (un-edited straight out of camera JPEGs)  was handed in by each of the 244 participants that actually fullfilled. I was exhausted physically but mainly mentally after keeping my legs and mind going for a full day and night and without any sleep.

I decided early on to try to keep my photos together as a series of black & white street photos. You can see them here. These photos are slightly edited, since the JPEGs from my camera were a bit on the dark side.

Slussen (09.19)
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