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New York City streets and protests

I had the opportunity to spend three days in New York City and mainly focusing on photography. Beforehand I had checked out some great locations for street photography in the city https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=zqN0POJ0gwLw.krTZOqcv0m5U and during the three days I made a lot of walking to visit many of them. I had thought it would be easy to find subjects and shoot street in this bustling metropole, but on the contrary, streets were jammed by Christmas shoppers and made it hard to get clean backgrounds and to my Swedish eyes so much was new it was hard to find and pick the odd subjects. Also fears imagined as a street photographer, that I have partly overcome in Stockholm, were back in full strength. Still there were some lucky shots that I can share in this album

In December 2014 protests against US police brutality were back in the streets, also in New York. During my photo walks I ran across several manifestations and performances, showing lots of engagement, anger but luckily all I saw were peaceful. I have documented three events from Union Square and Times square here.

6 Times square Dec 12

Being in New York it is also hard not to be struck by the magnificent  cityscapes and night views. Some photos of the city to be found here.

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