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Selfie 1979 vs 2015

Two selfies, the first shot onboard the ice breaker HMS Njord, during my military service in 1979. The second is shot 2015 in my kitchen using the Christmas gift from my wife: A vintage Helios 44M (58 mm, f/2) manufactured, at the time of the first photo, in former USSR!

Lenses do not seem to age as fast as people ;-)

  • Hiking in Crete

    Our love for mountain randonnées has taken us high and low (. . . or mainly high!). In October we were on a mission to Crete to photograph for Langley travel. The weather is still nice this early in the fall and the temperatures are ideal for tougher…

    Skiing - the Swedish way

    The family spent some days after New year in he Swedish ski resort Ramundberget. The days were short and gave lots of time to get-together. Even more so since the temperature did not invite us to spend the full days outdoors. Temperatures varied between…