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About Context Photo

Good photos contain a story built by their inner and outer context. From the context, the story can be obvious or it is created in the mind of the beholder. To get the storytelling going I typically add titles to each photo. For albums and new projects I also create blog posts.

I live to learn and appreciate any comments you may have on the photos, please send me a note or use the Disqus area below. Also, if you like what you see please do not hesitate to send me an email (martin@contextphoto.com) with a specific request.

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My photos have been commissioned for print or on web by various companies

About me

I am a photographer, based in Sweden and on this site I show some of my work. I started shooting B&W film in 1980. I love to learn and to grow as a photographer I participate in

Workshops and classes


  • 2018 Salong Centrum för fotografi (CFF), Stockholm - Porträtt Ersta sjukhus
  • 2018 Arbetets museum, dokumentärfotosalong, Norrköping - Gatufoto
  • 2018 Vårsalong, Vaxholms konstförening - Projekt Femtio nyanser av vått
  • 2017 Salong Centrum för fotografi (CFF), Stockholm - Projekt Unika butiker
  • 2017 Arbetets museum, dokumentärfotosalong, Norrköping . Projekt Unika butiker
  • 2015 Vårsalong, Vaxholms konsförening . Cityscapes
  • 2014 Vårsalong, Vaxholms konsförening - Gatufotografier

Contact me

For contacts please drop me an email at martin@contextphoto.com, follow me on Instagram,  Twitter  or on Facebook or use the contact form below